Testimonials from distinguished HE leaders worldwide

From my days as his doctoral supervisor to his current post at the University of Brighton, I have always found John to demonstrate a committed professionalism to both his subject and to his role as a teacher. As this portfolio bears witness, John has not only engaged closely with his academic interests, but also sought to constantly train and develop himself as an innovative tutor, someone who is thinking at all times about how best to communicate and instruct. With academic leadership experience, international perspectives, and pedagogical understanding, John can clearly lay claim to RAPP with the best!

– Professor Tim Woods, Director of the Institute of Education, Graduate and Professional Development, Aberystwyth University, Wales

Dr Wrighton has been a member of the School of Humanities since 2010 and has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the School’s Literature programme… Student evaluations consistently underline the clarity, consistency and excellence of Dr Wrighton’s teaching. His work is not only clearly defined and articulated but delivered in an inspiring fashion for students… As a member of the School’s management team, Dr Wrighton’s input is invaluable. His knowledge of the field informs School recruitment activities and strategies and his advice on staff development and staffing strategy is never less than acute. Dr Wrighton is, in short, an outstanding member of staff and one I cannot commend too highly.

– Dr Paddy Maguire, Head of School of Humanities, University of Brighton

It gives me great pleasure to support Dr. John Wrighton for the Higher Education Academy. Throughout his fellowship at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre (Ryerson University, Toronto), Dr Wrighton proved to be an invaluable addition to the Centre as an international research fellow.

During his stay at our centre, Dr. Wrighton made remarkable progress in advancing knowledge in a number of crucial areas, such as ecopoetics, ethics, modernism, and the avant-garde. His dedication to academic excellence and his modeling of highest professional values were evident in his outstanding mentoring of research interns and graduate students. He has a deep understanding of how students learn through research, and grow as scholars through engagement of sophisticated literary and cultural methodologies that also include digital literacy and components of digital culture. He champions innovations in research enterprise, creativity, and research-led learning that embodies the 21st century approach to higher education.

Dr. Wrighton also supported our Centre’s efforts in securing a 300,000 dollar Canada Foundation for Innovation grant that allowed us to expand our state-of-the-art infrastructure for allowing humanities students to develop new tools of research engagement. Our international collaboration was a true pleasure and I look forward to further research collaborations with Dr. Wrighton from his University of Brighton base. I enthusiastically commend Dr Wrighton for accreditation to Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

– Professor Irene Gammel, Tier One Canada Research Chair, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Ryerson University, Toronto

I observed the following qualities in John: depth of thinking, particularly relating to human diversity of learning and communicating; self awareness, John understood what impact he could have on others politically, socially and educationally; open mindedness, I observed John absorb the views of others and review his position a number of times. In addition to the above points I found John appreciative and fun to work with.

– Shirley Wardell, Leadership Foundation Associate, and Director of Evolve LEADTEAM Ltd.

Testimonials from students

Very enthusiastic professor. I liked the layout of this class, it was different then other english classes I have taken over my Ryerson years and I really appreciated that! It was new and exciting, different types of projects, different requirements for essays- loved this class, loved this professor.

– Ryerson University (Toronto) ENG626 student evaluation

Testimonials from graduates, supervisees, and research interns

Dr John Wrighton is a well prepared, deeply knowledgeable, and carefully attuned lecturer.  His investment in literature is evident in his ability to clearly communicate complex ideas, whilst his passion for learning facilitation is apparent in his openness to one-on-one tutorials, in which his encouragement and guidance is always of great benefit.

– Joel Roberts, BA Hons. English Literature, University of Brighton

During my two-month internship at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre at Ryerson University, Dr. Wrighton mentored and supervised my research work. His thoughtful guidance and professional example made the internship the formative experience it was for me. Dr. Wrighton’s genuine engagement with my ideas and the research we were conducting was truly inspiring and rewarding.

– Andrew McEwan, BA Hons. English Literature, University of Toronto

Testimonials from colleagues

Subject Leader in Literature, John Wrighton, was part of a panel that interviewed me for a one year post at the University of Brighton.  Since that introduction, and during my current work as part of his team, I have been impressed with the clarity and engagement with which he undertakes his administrative, research and teaching roles.  I have been welcomed as part of the team and invited to attend key Literature team meetings as well as to participate in the research seminar series. John’s professional but inclusive, approachable manner, as well as his commitment to Literature at Brighton University are a support and an inspiration to the team.

– Dr Anna Cole, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Brighton

I have worked closely and extensively with Dr Wrighton since his return from his Research Fellowship at Ryerson University in January 2013. We team teach on several undergraduate modules within the Literature Subject area, including ‘Literature, Criticism, Theory,’ ‘Writing the Contemporary,’ and ‘Romanticisms.’ John’s teaching is underpinned by his strong professional values of equality of opportunity for students. He is also passionately engaged in creating new digital learning and social networking environments for our students.

As a Subject Leader, John has been at the forefront of ensuring that we continue to provide a research-based curriculum. I have also been impressed by his collegiality and generosity in taking the time to listen to new ideas as well as individual concerns. John is a very supportive colleague and Subject Leader, has an excellent rapport with students, and I offer my full support for his accreditation to Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

– Dr Vedrana Velickovic, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Brighton

And, from my SFHEA ‘critical friend’…

I met John during the HEA fellowship preparation sessions and we became ‘critical friends’ to help each other through the process. John was able to give me some very useful feedback on my early drafts of work and I felt very comfortable discussing issues of professional practice and development with him, and the mutual support we developed has been very helpful to me. I hope it was equally useful to him!

– Dr Chris Sargeant, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Brighton & Sussex Medical School